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2018/04/25 15:20

We accept orders from abroad ( outside Japan ).

For orders from abroad, we accept the payment through paypal, and deliver items via "EMS". 
Please order using our shop's cart system or e-mail us to order. Facebook message is also ok. After confirming items in stock, we let you know the sum including the postage.
    facebook :

The payment method is only paypal.
The delivery method is "EMS".
After shipping, we do not accept cancellation.
You can return items only when items you receive are not what you order. For any other reasons, however, you can't do it.
Please let us know if you receive items which are not what you order. 

STORE15NOV : Business Hours
weekday 13:00-19:00 | holiday 13:00-18:00
Close: Thursday, Third Wednesday